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Red is an agency that produces dijital and creative solutions by combining technical skills with aesthetics.

What we do

Our business is built upon a strong strategic process around three core pillars: brand focussed design, engaging and emotive storytelling and interactions which captivate and delight.

Red Digital   Creative Agency
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How we do it

  • Strategy

    Our methodology is based on the principles of simplicity. We quickly adapt the idea in mind to the prototype and product. Our aim is not to make art, but to make inventions that will make people's lives easier and to be happy by realizing them.

    The more we know a company, the more we find a solution that fits it. It takes time to get to know. That's why we are in favor of long-lasting collaborations.

    Red - Corporate Identity, logo design, catalog design, fair stand design, advertisement work
  • Design

    Design consultancy is primarily about creating your brand and placing it in the heart of the consumer. This approach helps maintain comprehensive brand experience and quality and consistency across all channels. Backed by a quality attention to detail.

    The main goal of graphic design should be to tailor the message to be given according to the medium to be used and to "deliver the message to the target audience in the fastest and most understandable way".

    Grafik Tasarım - Web, mobile, identity, UI/UX, apps ve baskı
    Graphic Design - Web, mobile, identity, UI / UX, apps and printing
  • Content

    We establish inter-brand bonds with the win-win structure, and we prepare attractive campaigns that will gain conscious and loyal customers.

    Big brands need constant reminders to not be forgotten. For this, they resort to various campaign ways. But the main thing here is; is to do studies that touch people.

    This is the biggest magic and secret of successful brands. All "touch people".

    Content - Storyboarding, 2D/3D animation, editing, filming, sound engineering, illustration, photography
    Content - Storyboarding, 2D/3D animation, editing, filming, sound engineering, illustration, photography
  • Delivery

    We connect your brand to your target audience by designing events in the field of direct and experiential marketing.

    Experiential Marketing actually includes most of the projects carried out under the title of "event management" for years. The key point of these activities that combine the product with the consumer is that it appeals to our 5 senses..

    Direct Contact
    Direct Contact

Our process

ur process

Process chart

  1. Research
  2. Determine
  3. Development
  4. Conclusion
  5. Evolve

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